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We have lined up different insightful seminars and workshops to equip families, raise awareness, understanding, educate and to help stay connected with God & each other. It will present a wonderful time for parents, couples and singles to refresh good relationships and heal troubles.

Couples Weekend Retreat

Escape from your daily routine, come & learn to connect with your spouse more intimately and understand God’s blueprints for a wonderful marriage. It will be a romantic weekend getaway that you will not want to miss. Couples please plan ahead by saving £10-£15 monthly

Movie Nights In Church

Night of Family entertainment, relaxation, nourishment & learning and learning spiced with spiritual impartation, teaching and enlightenment with some popcorn and drinks to calm the adrenaline.

Counselling Sessions

Premarital, Marriage and Parental counselling sessions with word based approach for all family members including single parents to help those seeking to establish, build, maintain and restore a healthy family relationship.

Bid Training

An Interactive short & specific training program for church members in a ma-woman relationship. It is designed to equip them with the right information to enable them make informed decision when the moment calls for it and this a requirement for those intending to get married in Glory House