Welcome to Glory House Church in Chelmsford

Are you searching for a welcoming, community-centric church in Chelmsford? Look no further than Glory House Church, your spiritual sanctuary for meaningful worship and fellowship.

A Pentecostal Church with Open Arms

At Glory House, we are a Pentecostal church that believes in the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God’s love. We warmly welcome individuals and families from all walks of life to join us in celebrating faith and community.

Convenient Location in Chelmsford

Situated in the heart of Chelmsford, Glory House Church is easily accessible, offering a spiritual home that is both welcoming and convenient.

Glory House, Springfield Lyons Approach, Chelmsford Essex, CM2 5TH

Join Us for Sunday Service at 11am

Our Sunday service starts at 11am, providing a perfect blend of traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs. This is a sacred time when our community comes together to experience the presence of God through prayer, song, and scripture.

Why Choose Glory House Church in Chelmsford?

  1. Community-Focused: We take pride in our strong sense of community, making everyone feel at home the moment they walk through our doors.

  2. Inspirational Services: Led by our experienced pastoral team, our services are designed to uplift, inspire, and bring you closer to God.

  3. Youth and Family Programs: Glory House offers a range of programs for youth and families, ensuring that everyone has a place in our community of faith.

  4. Accessible Location: Easily accessible from all parts of Chelmsford, our central location makes it easy for you to make Glory House your spiritual home.

Experience Spiritual Growth at Glory House Church

If you’re looking for a church in Chelmsford that offers both a strong sense of community and a deep connection to faith, Glory House Church is the place for you. Come join us this Sunday at 11am and become a part of our ever-growing family of believers.