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  1. Dear Brethren,
    I want to use this opportunity to express my profound Gratitude to the Father Almighty for the life of His servant (Pastor Albert Odulele) and the congregation of the church.
    I am a member of the church in the spirit; I have not been to Glory house physically but in the spirit. I have been a regular worshiper from Nigeria on the Television since 2006 till date, as a matter of fact; I rededicated my life to Christ after being lost for several years by listening to the series of “Absolute Dominion” on Television (Silverbird Television Channel) from 12:30pm every Sunday (2006).
    From that day on, my life has change, my faith has been founded on Christ and there has been a total turn around. I presently live in the United State of America with my wife and God has been doing wonders in my life by just listening to his servant Pastor Albert Odulele. I pray that if Jesus Tarries, I will fellowship with you all someday and share some of my testimonies how God has bless me through His Servant. I still have a downloaded copy of Absolute Dominion, Understanding Vision, Think before you say I do and uncompleted video of Eternity Unveil. (All these I downloaded from your formal site before it was changed.
    I listen to them on a regular base, to increase my faith in Christ Jesus.
    May God in his mercies, bless you all beyond your imaginations, that where every natural thing stops, super nature begins.
    God’s Love
    Festus Omeke
    Bronx, NY, USA
    (Start your online store so that I can buy Eternity Unveil DVD & other books)

  2. Glory House Church Review
    Review by
    1st Service
    Overall – Amazing environment, clear message, worship is awesome and inviting. Would definitely visit again [5]
    Positives – Pastor was direct, clear and concise. Worship was phenomenal
    Negatives – No one to welcome us into church building, however, once inside there were many hosts available to direct us to seating.
    Review – Highly impressive.
    If a church with a strong Biblical teaching coupled with dynamic praise and worship is what you are looking for, then Glory House is the place for you.
    Glory House in Plaistow claims to be ‘… as culturally diversified as the communities we are part of, reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of London’. I was impressed to see a significant representation of various races. The church is situated just off the high street, which doesn’t prove to be a problem, as the large sign above the church is clearly visible.
    There are numerous buses within 30 seconds from the church, which makes easy access from various parts of East London.
    Service on the 29th December was a thanksgiving service – Everyone was encourage to wear jeans and dress comfortable so they could be free to dance and worship. It’s great when a church can drop the suit and tie and Sunday dresses and just loosen up. Worship was incredible. The man who led the worship service was passionate and the choir had clearly spent time practising and preparing. There was singing in English, Swahili, Nigerian and another dialect I couldn’t pick up. Overall, the worship was exciting.
    The Pastor spoke on being thankful. Highly impressive! His compassion and enthusiasm for his church to understand the importance of giving thanks to God was felt. Pastor Albert’s message was one of the most concise, effective and powerful message on Thanksgiving I have heard in a few years. He is clearly an excellent orator and warm-hearted leader.
    Jacob Recommends

  3. unable to watch the broadcast live from a laptop or desktop computer. it only works via the app on ipad/phone which I do not always have accessible

    • Hi AJ,
      Sorry to hear you are having connectivity issues, are these resolved now? Have you been able to access the live stream via desktop/laptop

  4. 22nd June 2017
    To whom it may concern:
    Greetings to you!
    I am making an enquiry regarding the method and or procedure that is required in order to have my book sold in your church book store.
    By way of an overview, my book delves into the definition of success and explores the private human struggles especially those experienced by female leaders in particular female ministers. It is my hope that the information disclosed will benefit every reader regardless of their gender.
    This is my first book which has been published through Author House and was recently launched. I would deem it a privilege to be able to stock my book in your store. Please confirm a day that is suitable for me to visit your store to discuss this further if necessary
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Blessed regards
    Dionne Lamont

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