Are you looking for a vibrant and welcoming church in Essex? Look no further than Glory House Church in Chelmsford. With its dynamic community, passionate worship, and dedicated services, Glory House Church stands out as an exceptional place for spiritual growth and fellowship.


A Church that Celebrates Jesus Christ!

At Glory House Church, our services are a celebration of faith, filled with the uplifting sounds of the gospel. Our congregation delights in singing and dancing, creating an atmosphere of joy and reverence. We believe that praise and worship are integral to our connection with God, and we express this through heartfelt prayers and celebrations.


Exceptional Children’s Facilities

We understand the importance of catering to the spiritual needs of all family members, including the youngest ones. Our church offers excellent children’s facilities, ensuring that kids have a safe and engaging environment to learn about God’s love. Our dedicated children’s ministry provides fun and educational activities that make learning about faith an exciting journey.


A Strong and Supportive Community

One of the most remarkable aspects of Glory House Church is our sense of community. We are more than just a congregation; we are a family. Our members support one another through life’s ups and downs, creating bonds that go beyond the Sunday service. Whether you are new to the area or looking to deepen your faith, you will find a warm welcome and a place to belong at Glory House Church.


Hands of Love Service: Extending Support to Those in Need

In addition to our vibrant worship and strong community, Glory House Church is deeply committed to helping those in need. Our Hands of Love service is a testament to this commitment. We provide food baskets and support to anyone facing hardships, ensuring that no one in our community goes hungry or feels alone. This service embodies our mission to live out the gospel by loving and serving others.


Join Us at Glory House Church

If you are seeking a church in Essex where you can experience dynamic worship, a supportive community, and a commitment to helping others, Glory House Church in Chelmsford is the place for you. Come and be a part of our family.

Join us this Sunday at 11 am at Glory House, Springfield, Chelmsford, CM2 5TH and discover the joy and love that define our church.

For more information about our services and how to get involved, visit our website or contact us directly 020 7511 1188. We look forward to welcoming you to our family at Glory House Church in Chelmsford, Essex.