Our model of the month is Abigail.
The bible describes her as a woman of good understanding and a beautiful countenance.
In other words not only did her beauty speak for but her brains did too ( she had Brains and beauty)
This is something worth emulating as a lady.
Let both your beauty and your brains work for you.
Determine to be a lady with Tact.
Be tactful in your speech, character, relationships and every area of your life it saved Abigail and it can help and save you too
Take as much time as you need to carefully review yourself as a person and be true to yourself there is always a place for improvement in life so don’t let anything or one stop you.
As a Lady thinking ahead becomes paramount always weigh the consequence of your actions. Remember it does not only affect you but others too
Her ability to be tactful saved her life and her household despite the foolishness of her husband Nabal it even stopped David from committing murder..
Be determined to save a situation by being tactful and remain beautiful inside out
Run with a meek and quiet spirit (don’t get it wrong though, a quiet person does not necessarily mean you have a meek and quiet spirit).
This month I challenge you It takes sacrifice but with the help of the holy spirit you can do it
Like Abigail be a woman that has a good understanding of her times and season and remain beautiful through it all.
If you try it and it does not work the first time don’t throw in the towel get up and try again  till you succeed at it.
Stay in His grace!!
Read her story: 1 Sam 25:1-42.
Pastor B

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