Dr. Albert Odulele is a pastor, preacher and author. He is the senior pastor of Glory House Churches International and is viewed by many around the world as a pastor to many pastors and exponent of bible truth.

The Management Team (MT):
They are charged with the responsibility of the day to day governance and running of the Trust.
The Management team consists of Pastors and Ministers who will oversee and report to the Trustees on specific and defined areas of the Trust relating to:
Church Growth | Church Health | Church Life | Church Administration
The members of the management team are:

  • Pastor Albert Odulele
  • Pastor Timothy Rabiu
  • Pastor Abosede Odulele
  • Pastor Tunde Thomas

Charles Fadeyibi
Omotara Talabi
Akintunde Sofola
Kwaku Ofori Boateng
Henry Ogundana

The Leadership Forum

This consists of all Pastors, Ministers and Elders in Glory house and are responsible for church life and Pastoral matters.
Church Leadership is provided by the joint effort of the Trustees and the Management Team.