Christianity is much more than a guaranteed ticket to heaven. God wants you to arise to the task of living and making a difference, not just in Church but also in your world. However, it takes wisdom to fulfil your destiny in marriage, in ministry, on the job, and in society.
Wisdom is the distinction between success and failure. It is the difference between the poor and the rich and the disparity between victory and defeat. Wisdom bridges the gap between prophecy and manifestation and forms the link between your dream and your coronation.
The Glory House Academy is a ‘training process’ designed to equip you with practical wisdom and insight into God’s Word that will help you to deal competently in all affairs of life.
We recognise that constrains on time and location can create barriers to your enrolment in the Academy. We have therefore, designed a flexible study format, which positively uses new technology to increase your accessibility to the Academy and improve the quality of your learning experience. You may take any of the following study options: Regular Classes, Fast Track Classes or Academy Online.
We invite you to join us on this adventure of God’s exciting Word and watch your potential flourish and your destiny unfold.
The Believers’ Class is designed to help you as a new Christian to understand the meaning of your commitment to Christ and to begin an exciting personal relationship with Him. Topics such as the meaning of the new birth, the Holy Spirit, and how to be an effective Christian witness will be taught in a dynamic, and powerful and yet down to earth manner.
This course teaches the basic truths and principles of the Christian faith. Essential subjects such as the Word of God, prayer and stewardship are powerfully expounded. Irrespective of how long you’ve been ‘in church’, you will benefit from a clear but simple exposition on the true nature of man and Christian stewardship as presented proficiently in this school. This school also helps you to understand the vision, mission, values and strategies of Glory House and the benefits of being a member.
This level equips you with essential ingredients for a closer walk with God and the fundamental truths for matured Christianity. Topics such as Victorious Christian Living will enable you to live harassment free and give you a greater understanding of the spirit realm. Bible absolutes on divine health, discipleship and finances are also treated. Position yourself for greater intimacy with God.