Frequently Asked Questions: Church Move Feb 2023

Q: Why are we moving?

A: Wow, what an exciting time for our church as we prepare to move to Chelmsford! This new location offers such a wonderful opportunity for growth and ministry as we reach out to the diverse community in this area.

Chelmsford is a bustling city with a rich history, a vibrant downtown, and a strong sense of community. It is also a diverse and growing city, with a population that is both culturally and economically diverse. This is truly a great opportunity for us to share the love and message of Jesus Christ with even more people.

We will have the opportunity to make the new venue our own by developing better facilities, including a larger worship space, rooms for children’s & ROC ministry, meeting rooms for community outreach programs and so much more. This move will allow us to expand our ministry and reach more people for Christ.

As we look forward to this new chapter in our church’s journey, we are reminded of the words of Jeremiah 30:19 “And out of them shall proceed thanksgiving and the voice of those who make merry; I will multiply them, and they shall not diminish; I will also glorify them, and they shall not be small.” This passage reminds us that as we trust in God and follow His plan, He will bless our efforts and cause them to flourish. We look forward to seeing the many ways in which God will use us in the city of Chelmsford.

Q: What date is the last service in Tabernacle Avenue?

A: The last service in Tabernacle Avenue will be on the 26th of February 2023


Q: When will the move take place?

A: We are currently in the process of finalizing the move and we anticipate completing the move in the next few months. We will keep the congregation informed of any updates and the exact date of the move will be announced as soon as possible.


Q: Where will the new church be located?

A: The new church will be located Chelmsford, Essex and is easily accessible by car or public transportation with ample parking for congregants.


Q: Where is the closest station to the Chelmsford church?

A: Chelmsford station is the closest station to the church.


Q: How can I get to church from the station?

A: It’s about 8 minutes by Taxi and about 21 minutes by bus (15 minutes drive and 6-7 minutes walk). Buses 73, 371 and 372 from Chelmsford bus station head towards Springfield where the church is located.


Q: Will the service times change?

A: The service time may change but this will be confirmed shortly. 


Q: Will there be a need for volunteers to help with the move?

A: Yes, we will need volunteers to help with various tasks such as packing and moving items, cleaning, and setting up the new church. We will be reaching out to the congregation for volunteers in the coming weeks.


Q: Will there be any changes to the church’s programs or services?

A: We do not anticipate any changes to the church’s programs or services as a result of the move. However, we may make adjustments as needed to better serve our congregation and community in the new location.


Q: Will the church’s name change?

A: There are no plans at this time to change the church’s name.


Q: Will the church’s contact information change?

A: Yes, the church’s address and phone number will change. The new contact information will be shared with the congregation once it is available.