As I capitulated to the decree that ‘it was time to go’, it was as if the angel reached down and pulled me up. I felt myself slipping out of my physical frame like one who steps out of work overalls after a hard days work. It was a painless and almost natural transition. For a brief moment I looked down at myself on the plane’s seat and the other passengers around. Strangely, I was not emotional but was caught up with what was happening to me. I remember thinking ‘I am dying, I am dying’.
I very quickly drifted away from the cabin of the British Airways plane (en-route London from Dallas) and found myself moving in what seemed to be an upward direction. I was in the ‘spirit realm’ and felt pretty accustomed to it; almost as if I had been there before. There were no structures like buildings and roads as we see in the physical; it was just like moving through an empty tunnel. All along I felt the presence of the angel but could not quite see it.

My mind was intact. I knew who I was and remembered all that I had been on earth. Essentially I was still me, aside from being in a different place. I was not disoriented, afraid or claustrophobic but had an overwhelming concern about ‘what was going to happen to me?’ Without anyone saying so, I knew with all certainty that I would be facing my Creator and shuddered at the thought.

Hebrews 9:27 ‘And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment’

I remember my mind being crystal clear and free to recall with uncanny speed and precision. Events of several years past were easy to remember and this increased my uneasiness. All inaccuracies and selective amnesia had disappeared and I could bring to mind even the most insignificant conversations or actions I had ever had or done. Somehow there was ample opportunity to think over a lot of things and truthfully as I have said, I could have recollected anything accurately. My mind buckled at the prospect of recalling memories; I simply didn’t want to and all I could think of was ‘what will He say when He sees me?’ ‘What will He say when He sees me?’

As the reality of eternity glared at me, four people came to mind. First were my wife Abosede and our two children, Christopher and Tiana. ‘I didn’t get the chance to say bye’ chewed at my mind and also the big question, ‘did I make adequate arrangements for their wellbeing?’ It was a sad feeling with a real sense of loss; an impression of abrupt departure that had left them exposed and un-catered for. The fourth person that came to mind was a spiritual son and protégé who had deeply wronged me. I felt I had forgiven him but knew I had not really entirely done so. It was one of those ‘I forgive you but leave me alone’ scenarios. Had I known I clearly remember thinking, ‘I would have made a greater effort at reconciliation’.
I eventually came up against what I can best describe as a wall. It was like a pulsating, soft, thin and un-intimidating partition. As we passed through it I knew I was dead. The effect on me was colossal and the expanse of eternity struck me in an indescribable way. It was like time was compressed into a minuscule infinitesimal nothing and eternity sprawled out endlessly. A context of living impressed itself upon me like nothing I had ever experienced and I realised time was merely an opportunity to invest in eternity. Life is about divine assignment and everything else is secondary.

Dr Albert Odulele

Glory House Churches, International
Excerpts from the book ‘Eternity Unveiled’

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  1. This is God’s mercy to man again. I feel God’s divine love in all these experience of Brother Albert as though designed to help my poor soul to focus on nothing less than eternity. Oh how I love you Lord for saving us.

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