Hypertension- Persistent high blood pressure.

Good day sisters,
Welcome to our first health blog in the women’s corner.
Every month there will be a short article about health –and this may be on physical health or mental health., sometimes both!
To kick off, is a quick word about monitoring our blood pressure.
Blood pressure or BP as it is commonly referred to, is the measure of how hard our hearts work to get blood around our body.
It is very important to make sure that we keep an eye on it, because  in a lot of cases, a high BP does not cause any symptoms and it is quietly damaging various organs in our body including the heart, eyes, kidneys and brains and if sufficiently high can cause a stroke! And can contribute to causing a heart attack.
Normal blood pressure should be below 140/90.
Many cases of a high blood pressure have no known cause, but things that may contribute to making a person’s BP high- include being overweight, eating a lot of salt , stress and a lack of exercise(physical inactivity)., remember the bible says bodily exercise profits a little but it profits!
Get it checked at least once a year and if you have any persistent headache, chest pains or nose bleeds please do get it checked., if raised please see your GP.
Take care of yourselves and remember you are blessed.
Dr R Olukanni.

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