I am truthful and consistent with my tithing. One tenth of my earnings belong to God and with joy and faith I hand it back to Him. Therefore the windows of heaven are open over me. God is involved in my affairs on earth. Mal. 3:1-; Deut. 28:23-24
I enjoy supernatural protection & preservation. God by oath stands between every devourer & me. Jehovah safeguards & secures my ministry, family, children, income, business & all that concerns me. Wasters, blighters & disasters are kept away. Mal. 3:11
Because I tithe, God’s covenant of increase works for me. I walk in divine productivity, prosperity, progress and peace. I am fruitful in every way and a delightful land. My dwelling is of joy, happiness and a good place to live. Mal. 3:12; Deut. 7:12-15
The tithe is holy to the Lord. As I give God this sacred money, I am liberated from poverty, lack and oppression. It is my escape from the harassment of devils, disease, disaster, debt, depression and death. Lev. 27:30
In honour of God, I pay my tithe before bills, budgets & bodily needs. God comes first in my thoughts and actions. I tithe as an act of obedience and I command supernatural restoration, recovery, regeneration, renewal and restfulness. Is. 6:11-13