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The Family Life Ministry (FLM) is an integral ministry in Glory House and committed to the outworking of the vision of “Great Light, Great Life and Great Love” by impacting relationships resulting in healthy and thriving families.Our aim is to reach out to the whole family, including singles, couples engaged to be married, married couples and parents. 

Married couples as a symbol of the family unit and occupy a special niche in our programs and activities and this is aptly captured by the vision of FLM which is “Equipping couples to build greater relationship through our Lord Jesus Christ”.  The FLM is committed to bringing couples into a closer and intimate relationship with God by providing tools to enrich, refresh, rebuild and renew marriages. We do this through forums and seminars, premarital counseling sessions and events and activities designed to equip and promote desirable family values.


Family Life Counselors (FLC) are married couples living together as husband and wife.  The counselors are the principal stewards that enable the ministry to conduct its activities and programs for the benefit of the church. Although how long a couple has been married has a significant bearing on their effectiveness as counselors, training is given to equip them with the necessary skills to effectively counsel couples using bible based principles. It is a requirement at Glory House that before a couple is married in church they have to undergo six sessions of one-to-one premarital counseling with a designated Family Life Counselor.

Marriage Counseling Hotline: 07050 258724 (you may be charged for this call) 


Glory House has been given full British Statutory Marrying License Status. Subsequently, all registry functions will be held simultaneously with the wedding service at the church premises located at: 2 Tabernacle Avenue, Plaistow E13 8EG. It is essential that the couple put up notices at the Registry in their respective boroughs at least six (6) weeks before the scheduled wedding date. (The Authority certificate must be received in the church before the wedding can be conducted).  Some couples may choose to get married at the registry office and afterwards have a marriage blessing in church. It is important to note that the church will not conduct a marriage blessing without first having evidence of a registry office wedding.

Marriage Blessing: Marriage blessing is conducted where the couple has already had a legally recognized marriage with a certificate issued either in the UK or abroad. 

Wedding Solemnization: This is usually done for a newly contracted marriage. 

Counseling:  The Family Life Ministry provides one-to-one marriage counseling sessions with a trained Family Life Counselor who are usually a married couple of good standing in church.  

How to make known your plans for marriage:

A letter of intention to be wedded should be accompanied with a Glory House Family Card signed by a Glory House Fellowship leader/department leader. The Glory House Family Card is available to pick up at the help desk. Your letter of intent can either be hand delivered to the Pastor in-charge of marriages or emailed to familylife@gloryhouse.org.uk.


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The “Before I Do” (BID) program is a short and specific training program that targets church members in a relationship. By addressing the core generic issues of marital relationship, the program aims to equip trainees with the right information to enable them make informed decisions at the right time. The program has eight core topics that are covered in four sessions. Topics covered in each session are as follows:

Session 1: – Biblical foundations of marriage – Vision, values and expectations

Session 2: – Gender differences – Role of husbands and wives in marriage

Session 3: – Communication and conflict resolution in marriage – Financial wholeness in relationship

Session 4: – Sex and intimacy in marriage, co-habiting, pre-marital sex and family planning

– Procedure for getting married in Glory House

All BID classes are interactive and the tutors who are either Pastors, Ministers or Family Life Counselors, create a learning environment conducive for participants to share practical ideas and exchange experiences that can benefit and enrich others.

It is now a requirement that couples intending to be married at Glory House should first complete all the four BID training sessions, in addition to the pre-marital counseling sessions. The ministry recognizes that it is the duty and responsibility of married couples to individually or collectively make their marriage a model of a happy Christ-centered relationship to their children, friends and community.[/accordion-item]
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This is a group of young couples who are passionate about championing successful marriages. Under the auspices of GH Family Life Ministry this group acts as a support unit for young marriages (Day 1- 5 years). Their focus is getting the basis and foundations of marriage right after returning from the ‘moon’; once the euphoria of planning and sorting out the wedding day is over the reality of married life with its ups and down sets in. This is when marriage really commences and ATM provides support to young couples while keeping the fun alive.

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Family Life Ministry organizes a married couples retreat usually in the fourth quarter of the year, where couples go for a fun filled retreat away from home where they participate in various activities, get to meet and fellowship with other couples, share the Word and spend valuable time together. The aim of the retreat is to help couples rediscover themselves in a relaxed environment away from the children and the usual buzz of life; bond and rekindle relationships, within an atmosphere of intimate passion and communication.

For more information, kindly contact us via familylife@gloryhouse.org.uk OR bid@gloryhouse.org.uk