Glory House has had very great influence in its residing community. Glory House started in 1993 under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Albert Odulele and has grown from a handful of people to a teeming congregation of hundreds of families.

Its inaugural service held in March 1993 at 78 Capworth Street, Leyton, London (The first church property).

Its early history is best defined in three phases. The first phase represents the residency of the church at Leyton and the second phase represents the period the church used a number of public halls such as the York Hall in Bethnal Green.

At Leyton and York Hall, as a young growing church, Glory House committed itself to a lot of evangelism in the area, reaching out to the estates in the community and organising crusades. Due to the increase in the growth of its members, Glory House moved to its present residence at 2 Tabernacle Avenue, Plaistow in January 1997 (third phase).

In the year 1999 the church changed its name to Glory House. A change that was necessitated by the transition the church had undergone and which reflected prophesies in Isaiah 60:1-22 and Ezekiel 47:1-9.