Today the level of my faith moves away from black and white and the so evasive grey.
My faith turns into full technicolour as fashioned by my Creator.
I move to another realm that may seem crazy and even perhaps undignified.
This is the faith that will change everything about me.

This is the faith that builds me into a powerhouse.
Faith that will change Nations.
The burst of color in my faith means that I will no longer operate in the uncertain nature of black and white.
I will no longer dwell in the grey nature of mediocracy.
I will dwell in the brightness of the Son Himself.
Today I return my focus to the things of God.
I will think through God’s mind and engage in the supernatural.
My destiny is no longer defined by what was done or what was said.
My destiny is fashioned by my faith.  My faith is alive.
The voice of victory in my spirit resonates with the spirit of faith within me.
I am no longer afraid to walk on water.
I am a listener and my spirit will hear every word from my Creator.
Every day I will speak of the words that I have heard.
I will not tire to speak of God’s goodness.
In that private place of pray, I will be careful to worship and pray in the Spirit.
The Spirit of Truth will guide me every step of the way.
Yes, this is another level of faith and I am ready to move mountains.

 Wakonyo Igeria

February 2014

Inspired by Dr. Albert Odulele’s sermon on “Exploits of Faith”


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