My words are a powerhouse in Zion.
I will speak only the oracles given to me by my Creator.
I do not apologize for the dominion that has been accorded to me;
On account of my faith my utterances will bring light where there was darkness.
My thoughts will always be a reflection of whose I am;
I belong to a divine lineage; I belong to God.
I am sitted in Heavenly places on  account of my geneology.
I have in my loins the strength of the Lion of the tribe of Judah.
These are the words that go head of me.
The finished work is done the second I speak it.
There is a good work that must be brought to completion within me.
I will never be afraid  – I sit at the right hand of God the Father;
My enemies become a foot stool under my feet.
I have spoken it and so shall it be.
Wakonyo Igeria
Inspired by Dr. Albert Odulele.
April 6th 2014

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