Jan. 23rd ‘Long Life And Prosperity’ – Daily Devotional by Dr Albert Odulele

Bible Reading:     Prov. 3:13-16
Prov. 3:16 ‘length of days is in her right hand, in her left hand riches and honour’
Whilst on Accident and Emergency call-duty in the hospital I worked in, a number of vehicles came screeching into the premises. There had been a car crash involving several vehicles on a nearby motorway and a number of people were brought in ‘dead-on-arrival.’
One of the women who came in kept screaming ‘help my husband, I told him not to drive so fast; he had been drinking’. The man soon died from internal bleeding. Saints, foolishness kills. The lack of wisdom makes people poor and can result in an early death.
The apostle of faith, Dr. Fredrick KC Price once made the following statement in Glory House. ‘I will live to a ripe old age, but if you hear I died suddenly, know I must have done something very foolish’. You will not die suddenly or come to sudden poverty in Jesus’ name.
‘Therefore I said, surely these are poor. They are foolish; for they do not know the way of the Lord, the judgment of their God’ Jer. 5:4
Transact with wisdom and move from poverty and lack to wealth and abundance. Start thinking, speaking and acting wisely and a long and healthy life will become your heritage. ‘Length of days is in her right hand, in her left hand riches and honour’
As medical school is the key to a degree in medicine so wisdom is the key to wealth and health. Therefore ‘get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding’ Prov. 4:7.

  1. Ask God to purge you of all costly thoughts, words and actions of foolishness. Ps. 139:23-24; Jn. 15:1-3
  2. A move of God in Asia _ 61% of world population and 80% of the most unreached people on the planet. Zech. 10:1-2

Thought for the day:
Wisdom will accomplish more in six days than foolish effort in six decades.

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