Mar. 13th             Unveiling Praise
Bible Reading:     Ps. 48:10; Acts 13:22
Ps. 147:1 ‘praise the Lord! For it is good to sing praises to our God; for it is pleasant, and praise is beautiful’
Thanksgiving appreciates God for His great deeds but praise celebrates God for His Person, i.e. for who He is. You praise God to the degree to which you ‘rate’ Him; it is a heartfelt view and expression of how you perceive Him.
God loves His praise; in fact He is motivated, mobilized and melodramatic about it. The word melodramatic means ‘over-the-top’, exaggerated and sensational. This expresses how God reacts and responds to praise.
That’s why anyone can easily catch His attention by simply expressing your opinion of Him. Young David became God’s darling by praise and all of Saul’s army couldn’t put him down. Ceaseless praise commits God to unfailing backing.
David continuously offered incredible praise and God testified about him saying ‘I have found David…a man after my own heart’. Acts 13:22. Every time you testify to God about God in praise, He tells the angels about you.

  • Intercede for peace and rest in homes. Come against whisperers and divisive forces. 26:3; Ps. 119:165; Pro. 16:28; Is. 54:17
  • Pray saints be equipped and deployed as witnesses in ‘the world’. Pray for the emergence of ‘saviours’ Acts 1:8; Obad. 1:21

Thought for the day:
What is your perception of God?

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