March 25th                    Praise Dimensions II
Bible Reading:              Ps. 149:1-4; 92:14
Ps. 92:14 ‘they shall still bear fruit in old age; they shall be fresh and flourishing’
Did you know that praise infuses strength and long life? ‘They shall still bear fruit in old age’. Joyful praise does not just confer longevity but productive fruitful ‘old age’. It is a mystery-pill against declining, degrading and un-desirable patriarchies
These are dimensions of praise that go beyond exciting praise and worship sessions during church services or gospel concerts. Ps. 149: 4 says ‘He will beautify the humble with salvation’ but verse 1 says ‘praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song and His praise in the assembly’
God beautifies those who praise Him. Wow! Give glory and honour, remember praise acknowledges who God is, and register in God’s ‘beauty salon’. That’s the secret to beautiful homes, children, careers, ministries, etc _ simple thanksgiving and praise.
Take a step right now, drop your bible, notepad or Ipad from your hand and give God Almighty praise. You do not need to raise your voice or scream down the place. Just communicate from your heart and love Him for who He is.

  • Ask God to revive your heart and fill you with fresh fire, passion and wisdom to win souls. 85:6; Rom. 12:11
  • Lift standards against Satan orchestrating religious and civil unrest, bloodshed and confusion in the nations. Is. 59:19; 2 Sam. 15:31

Thought for the Day
Tap into the mysteries of your covenant with God, do not be a bystander.

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