Apr. 1st                The Power Of Praise I
Bible Reading:     Ps. 34:1-3; 100:4-5
Ps. 34:1 ‘I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth’
I recently bought a 64Gb flash drive to store thousands of files that had accumulated on my laptop. I had been advised of the need to back up my computer; as ‘something could go wrong and it crashes’ I was told.
Interestingly, I placed the flash drive next to the laptop for a while but there was no transfer of data. The close proximity did not get the job done. I had to plug the flash drive into the USB port, intimacy, in order to transfer the files from the computer to the flash drive.
Thanksgiving, praise and worship are the ultimate expressions of intimacy with God. You can hang around church and Christians but remain aloof spiritually. It’s not how much you are seen at gospel programs or with church folk but how intimate you are with God.
David said ‘I will bless the Lord at all time’; not just the Sabbath day or when in the company of other Christians. Cultivate an intimate relationship with the Lord through daily exercises of thanksgiving, praise and worship. Then God will transfer blessings, healing, revelations, etc.

  • Pray for an atmosphere of worship & joyful thanksgiving in your house, church & community. 2 Chron. 5:13-14; Phil. 4:4
  • Pray for the presence of God to swallow depression, destroy oppression & release endless joy. 16:11; Neh. 8:10

Thought for the day:
Aspire for intimacy and not just proximity to God

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