Blood Disorders and Infectious disease healed
Earlier this year Pastor declared ‘we would not bury any of our children.’ In February, my son was admitted to hospital with pneumonia. By the third week my son and I were quarantined as the doctors said he had tuberculosis, pneumonia, an enlarged liver and spleen and three blood conditions. I had accepted the report of the doctors and in anger had not prayed to God. One night I broke down in tears and while lying by his hospital bed I cried to God. I remembered what Pastor had said, believed it and declared it over my son. The next morning they took us out of quarantine. A few days later they took the intravenous cannula out of his arm. The doctors said they didn’t know exactly what had happened but he was fit enough to go home as all tests had come back fine. I rejoiced in tears, as truly the Lord is faithful and true to His word.

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