Flow of blood stopped
I had been diagnosed with hypertension, high cholesterol, tinnitus and dizziness. I also had irregular heartbeats and tender skin that dictated what I could wear. One day I woke up and found my bed drenched with blood. This was abnormal as I am 72 years old. After tests, the doctors were shocked to see it was not cancer of the womb but the bleeding continued. At the anointing service in April Pastor instructed us to anoint our heads with oil. Immediately, I touched my head I started feeling pains in my abdomen. I soon felt I should push but was concerned that this would be blood and that it could be embarrassing. To the glory of God the bleeding stopped that Sunday. Not only that, I’m now completely free from all the other health problems I had. Praise God.

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  1. Praise God on Sunday yesterday I attend your service for the very first time I was very impress with gospel the preacher and the service my son is a member of your church and I will definitely attend again.
    Thank god for you praise be to God.

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