I am Good enough for Him.
This year the devil has tried everything to make me feel unworthy of God’s love, but God is faithful and constantly reminds me I am good enough for Him. I had suffered a bad break up and was struggling to get back into employment.
I submitted myself to God, joined the protocol team and volunteered at the Church office. I made sure I knew who the real enemy is, I decreed and declared that I would fight until I win that I serve the only Living God who does not lie. I fasted and prayed.
Glory to God, I am now stronger than I have ever been. Every morning God fills me with Joy, I am employed and I know there is more to come. What God has done, is doing and going to do in my life I believe He will do it for you too. I appreciate the support, encouragement and prayers of the pastors and protocol team members. What a pleasure it is to be in Zion!

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