At one of the Dominion night led by Pastor in July last year, I prayed to God for the following:

  • I prayed that I qualify for student grant. – God granted this and they gave me much more than I was expecting.
  • I prayed that I graduate from the university where I was on another profession course. – God granted this, I have written and passed all my exams. I am currently on work placement with a few weeks more to go and my graduation is slated for March 2013.
  • I prayed that my husband will successfully graduate from the university in his profession by August. – God granted this too.
  • I also prayed to God for a happy family, having faced a serious marital challenge. – God’s wisdom prevailed; we overcame and have become a strongly bonded couple.

I kindly advice that we all put our trust in God, and we hold on to him! Praise the Lord, Alleluia!!
Mrs A

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