Watching over me
I cycle to work most of the time during the summer season and on one particular morning, whilst on my bicycle; I praised and worshipped God the entire journey to work. It was a good day at work and I headed back home on my bike after work, riding through the usual traffic jam within central London.
I came to the traffic light leading to Aldwych from Kingsway and the light was red, so I stopped alongside other numerous cars and buses on the road. As soon as the light turned green, I continued my journey towards Waterloo Bridge. But somewhere along the sharp curve was an oil streaks, spillage on the road.
My bicycle and I skidded towards the edge of the road; my thoughts were “you would get run over by vehicles coming from behind. But God is good and His mercies endure forever, I got up, picked up my bicycle and looked back on the road just to realise there was not a single vehicle behind. There was not a single scratch on my body, although I was wearing a pair of short cycling tights and my bike was not damaged.
I was safe, my bike was safe and all I heard myself say was ‘this is a miracle’. I thank God for His divine protection, for His word says He will never leave nor forsake you.’ To God be all the glory and praise forever more, Amen.

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