by Phinnah Chichi
Mark 6:5-6a “And because of their unbelief, he couldn’t do any miracles among them except to place His hands on a few sick people and heal them. He was amazed at their unbelief (NLT)”
KEYNOTES: What does our unbelief do to Christ? Verse 6a of our verse says He was amazed, the Message translation says ‘He couldn’t get over their stubbornness.’
Wow! Our unbelief is likened to stubbornness. He has given us His Word which is the absolute truth, so when we linger in unbelief, it seems as if we are saying His words are not true.
What has God led you to do? What’s in your heart to be done? What are you praying about? What are you trusting God for and yet doubting if it will be done or not sure that you can accomplish it; or are you listening to the naysayers who have no clue about God’s abilities.
It’s time to STOP the doubt. It’s time to STOP the unbelief and ACT in Faith, STAY in faith, WALK in faith, TALK in faith and STEP OUT in Faith.
Even if my faith seems silly to the world, I’d rather be seen as silly by the world than to be seen as stubborn by God. Wow,Wow and another Wow! this has just hit me, did you catch that?
Today and always, go ahead and do it. Enough of the talking! Enough of the analysis! Enough of the checking with people to see if they agree with your dream or desire! Just step out and do it. Just step out and be who YOU were called to be.
My declaration is that I will believe no matter what circumstances I face. I will believe no matter what I see or hear. I will believe no matter what I feel. I will not allow unbelief to limit what God has in store for me, so SELF, You must Believe. You must Believe. I stand by this declaration in Jesus name. AMEN
Have a Blessed, fab and a ‘Get rid of Unbelief’ month.
Phinnah Chichi


  1. I believe everything about God, I just don’t believe that He would provide for me financially anymore. Just the basics, but no abundance although I tithe etc and give.

  2. Hi Ronnie, Many thanks for your comment. I really do believe that God’s promises never fails. Please don’t give up in believing and trusting God. He does meet us at our level of expectations. He can and will give you that abundance if you believe. God bless you

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