May 19th Forever Friends
Bible Reading: Jas 2:23; Jn 15:15
Pr 18:24 A man who has friends must himself be friendly, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother
Relationships are key to ones progression in life. Some people like to use the term ‘I am self made’ or ‘I can do it on my own’ to describe how their success was achieved, but that’s simply not true. We were created to form relationships. Some more intimate than others but nevertheless relationships. One could say we are a combination of all the different relationships we’ve made or had.
Some relationships add to you and some drain or take away from you but you wouldn’t be who you are or who you’ve become without them, would you?
Relationships help to formulate your thinking and actions and character. Some end after a while, like Lot and Abraham; some cleave like Ruth to Naomi. I am sure that when you think of the many relationships you have formed, that whether you still have them or not, that you learnt valuable lessons in each one of them. So take a moment and thank God for every person that has come into your life and the valuable lessons learnt in each of and every relationship.
Do know that if they have left, are leaving, have stuck around or even if you are not sure if they’re coming or going; There is someone that sticks closer than a brother. The reality being that even brothers and sisters are not always there, but this person is. He said He’d never leave you nor forsake you. He’s your 24/7 friend.
He’s the Holy Spirit; always with us and dwelling in us.
Wow, my friend is a gift from God, it’s the Holy Spirit!!!! Think about that. He wants to be your friend. Friends stick up for you; they are loyal and faithful to you. Friends don’t talk behind your back; friends encourage you, protect you, defend you and bless you. Now just multiply that a million times and we begin to see what God, through the Holy Spirit is like. He continually does all these things and much, much more. Bless God forever more.
• Let us draw close to God by His Spirit. Jas 4:8
• Ask God by His Spirit to reveal your divine relationships 
Thought for the day:
You are sealed by God’s Spirit till the day of redemption

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