May 21st Spirit Of Truth Part 2
Bible Reading: Hab 2:1; Ps 121:4
When Jesus was brought before Pilot, Pilot asked Him a very interesting question: ‘What is truth?’ Of course Jesus had prompted this response as He had said before that He had come to testify of the truth.
In a courtroom, Solicitors, Barristers and Judges etc. are all charged with finding out the truth in cases before a judgment can be rendered.
But is this actually the case? Do they find out the truth or do they find out the facts? You see, Jesus laid claim to truth when He declared, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’. This means that truth can only be ratified and truly authenticated when seen through the eyes of Jesus.
The facts may prove in this natural world that you are sick but the truth says different. Oh Hallelujah! Once the truth is ascertained then the correct judgment or sentence can be given. Once we know the truth about sickness and disease, the correct sentence can be carried out. ‘I’m healed by the stripes of Jesus’
However, if the sickness is due to more than just a physical ailment, perhaps by a demonic root or oppression, then it will be revealed to us by the Spirit of truth, and the appropriate sentence will be carried out. ‘I have the power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall harm me.’
• Ask God to show you, by His Spirit, the root of any challenge you may be facing. Dan 2:19
• Lord use me to execute Judgment through your Holy Spirit against the evils things of our day. Ps 149:6-9
Thought for the day:
Jesus is the Truth, the way and the life

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