May 25th Gifts
Bible Reading: Heb 12:2; 2Cor 4:17
1Cor 12:7 ‘But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all.’
The gifts of the Spirit are manifestations. A dictionary definition states: ‘it’s the outward or perceptible indication or materialization’. This simply means that there will be a tangible demonstration wherever these gifts are at work. We will see it working in our lives more and more as we approach the coming of the Lord.
A gift is anything that is given without a cost to the recipient. That’s awesome. However, when God Almighty gives us gifts by His Spirit it’s not because it’s Christmas, but it’s because we need them. God doesn’t waste anything. But know that the gift is not just a gift for you. The gift needs to profit others to fulfill God’s intention. This means you using the gift to be a blessing to others.
No one can ever say, ‘well I don’t have any gifts’. If you are a believer and are filled with the Holy Spirit then you are gifted. The bible says clearly that they have been given to each one, no exceptions. That means it’s not just given to the Pastors or the ‘Men or Women of God’. Everyone in the body of Christ is gifted; it may be that you need to discover what your gifting is.
You can choose or earnestly desire the best gifts for the right moment. You will never come up short. Anything that is necessary to deal with the situation at hand, God has given us access to an arsenal, take your pick. Ask and it shall be yours. Stir it up inside of you and the Body of Christ will know you as a man or woman of great gifting and a blessing.
• Ask God to reveal to you the gifts he’s given you. Pro 20:5
• Ask God to help you develop them. Heb 5:14
Thought for the day:
Whatever I don’t have is not an issue because God has more than made up for it. I will be a blessing in and to my generation.

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