Lump in the breast disappears
I noticed a hard lump in my right breast, I was so afraid because it was not painful and gave me no discomfort.
My GP referred me to Newham General Hospital for a biopsy. While I was awaiting the biopsy results, I kept declaring the promises of God concerning my body saying that it is the temple of God and promising God that I would keep it holy.
I was called for an appointment to review the results of the biopsy. The consultant sensed my anxiety and said, “I am happy to inform you that you can go home happy and relaxed your result is negative”.
Brethren, my joy that day was overwhelming because it could have been have been a very different result. The lump was still there but I continually applied my anointing oil and occasionally sleep with my miracle handkerchief.
One day, the lump came to my mind so I checked. To the glory of God it had disappeared.
For this wonderful deed I want to thank the Lord my maker for His gracious love upon my life.
Big thanks to Dr Albert and the Pastors in Glory House who always give us a word in season. May the Lord God continue to increase you and bless you with His wisdom.

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