My God is greatly to be praised

Indeed, God will not give us more than we can bear. However, when we are in the midst of the affliction it doesn’t feel like this word is true
In the last 9 months, I have had two major surgical operations. The later lasting over 7 hours. Through the pain, the Lord taught me to trust and have faith in Him, the great physician. I thank God for perfecting my healing.
During this period of challenge with my health, I was off work for about 8 weeks at a time. Though it is the policy at work not to get paid off sick, the amazing God gave me favour with my employers and I got my full pay.
Through it all, God wiped away my tears and gave me a new song. When my strength failed me, He sent helpers of destiny my way to encourage me. His unfailing word gave me hope to crawl, and then walk and glory to God I am standing now. Glory to God! My redeemer lives.
My gratitude to Pastor, to his dear wife and the entire leadership of Glory House, for your unrelenting prayers. God’s grace will always be sufficient for you.
Heartfelt thanks to my team, Protocol Department, and friends for all the text messages, words of encouragement and prayers. The Lord that kept me will never leave you nor forsake you.
To my children and grandchildren, you are blessed and favoured.
To all my brothers and sisters in the faith, we are in a very challenging season. God is calling us to pray and stand firm in the faith. This is the time to put on the whole armour of God and fight for your destiny. Please do not give up, do not be weary. Remember, the battle is the Lord’s.
God bless you all.

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