My Month Of Open Heavens
Every week in this month of March, I have had a testimony.
In the first week of March, Pastor gave a word of knowledge regarding my health. In the second week GOD saved and preserved my mother’s life from a ghastly accident.
In the third week, I was contacted by a company and asked if I was interested in a particular role, which I did not know existed. They had in fact been recruiting for two weeks.
I was called in for an interview and in the evening of the same day I was actually thinking of sending my interviewers a thank you email but I received an email from them offering me the role.
Although it is a short-term contract, I am grateful to you Lord because I had almost given up hope of getting employment after 21 months of unemployment.
Thank You LORD! My praise I give to you.
Thank you Pastor Albert and the leadership of Glory House, I am indeed grateful for all your support.

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