I have been working as an Analyst for an American Bank for almost 3 years. While this experience has been rewarding and challenging in some aspects, it was time to gain better experience further afield.
Towards the end of 2014 I considered and prayed about it. At a music event we had in church, Pastor said if anyone wanted to change their job they should stand up. I stood up where I was and from this point on began to apply for different positions.
I had a lot of interest in my CV from recruiters and to cut a long story short, I had 8 interviews within a two-week period from various companies – the Germans, the French and the Irish were after me – these were investment banks and financial institutions. At one point I was praying for some of them not to want me. The agent working with me was astounded at the number of offers I received in a short period of time especially considering the fact that that things generally get quiet in that area of business during the Christmas period.
I finally accepted an offer from a French Investment bank and I was due to start working for them the second week of January. My manager in my current role, the traders and colleagues expressed concern about my leaving, in their words, a colleague said ‘you are great and we are really going to miss you – this team will struggle without you’. A Trader told me ‘you are a top guy, one of the best we have seen in a long time in this team’. They did offer to keep me but I declined.
The feedback alone was a testimony and time will not permit me to share instances of finding solutions to problems that were not even documented in the bank or dealing with difficult situations and in many cases dealing with issues that nobody in my team could solve.
I am grateful to God for his favour upon my life, his Wisdom and the strength to fulfil the great destiny that lays ahead of me and for His servant that labours in His Vineyard.

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