Open Heavens
I want to give glory to God Almighty for “He is good and His mercy endures forever”.
I came into the UK in 2006 with a 5-year visiting visa, which expired in 2011 so I put in my application for leave to remain. My husband was already settled here. For over 3 years no response came from the home office and I decided that by February this year if nothing happened, I would change my solicitor to whom I had paid so much money.
Late last year when Pastor Albert met with all those experiencing immigration issues, he decreed that before the end of this year the immigration matters would be resolved. I grabbed that prophesy with passion.
I have been self-employed for the past 7 years in the UK. Doing exploits and daring where others fear to tread. I have won awards in my field of endeavour, and well known in what I do. All without necessary papers. It can only be God! PRAISE GOD!
When Pastor declared open heavens in March, I said the heavens must open indeed. So I decided to change my solicitor and about 2 weeks later in April we got a response from the home office asking us to send supporting evidence.
I want to thank the church especially the leadership for the prayers and support. This is really a church with great love. Every minister that mounts the alter, I believe they are anointed because it flows from the top, from our father in the Lord to all the Pastors and Ministers. That is why when I am praying on any issue even if the Senior Pastor is not available; I grab any pastor available to pray with me.
I remember on one occasion Pastor Charles held my hands with some of the documents I was sending to the Home Office and prayed with me and it was like fire went through my hands and I screamed. This was after a Wednesday service and thereafter one of my fingernails that had had been giving me pains for months was healed miraculously. There’s anointing in this house.
Recently when Dr Cole ministered and said that she had a vision about Jesus standing in as the solicitor and advocate especially for people with immigration issues. I claimed it for myself and told her that, that word was for me. To God be the glory, I got my papers the very next day. HALLELLUJAH!
I really thank God for our father in the Lord, Pastor Albert, his wife and the entire leadership of Glory house. I have been in this church for three years and I have recorded the greatest testimonies of my life since I knew the Lord seven years ago. It will be your turn to testify in Jesus name.
The Heavens have really opened, for God makes a way where there seems to be no way.

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