Praise the Lord!
On Friday 24th of January, I woke up to get my children ready for school. As I bent down to put my 10 month old baby in his seat, I felt sharp pain in my lower back wasn’t able to stand up straight. It took me a while to get up, but eventually I did but in pain. I knew something was wrong with my lower back. My daughter asked me if I was ok and I replied that I was because I remembered Pastor saying that we should not confess negative words and so I refused to confess that I was in pain with my mouth. I wouldn’t give the devil glory because I know that ‘no weapon formed against me will prosper in Jesus name’.
The pain was too much and I was not able to do things as I normally would and I even thought of calling the ambulance. However, I managed to get up and take my 3yr old to school but due to the pain, came back home to rest. I couldn’t feel my feet and at night as I turned in bed, I shouted in pain. I woke up on Saturday in so much pain.
I then remembered the anointing oil blessed on New Year’s Day. I declared that it was not just oil but anointed oil. I joined my faith with that of my husband and Pastor Albert and claimed my healing in Jesus name. Straight away the pain left. I started to move my body the way I could not move before. I told my husband that I was healed and praised GOD.
I had planned to testify on the Sunday, however, I woke to pain again and wondered what was happening. I did not feel like going to church that morning but felt my children should not be denied the chance of going to church. So I came in for the second service.
As we walked in Pastor Charles came on stage and declared that someone was being healed in the service right now. I received my healing. He went on to say someone with a back pain was being healed and I was healed with no more pain.
I thank God for my healing. I also thank Pastor Albert, Pastor Charles and all the Pastors and leadership of Glory House for all their prayers. We are indeed in the right place.

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