Ten Years Cancer Free
I want to testify of the awesomeness of God.
Ten years ago on the 11th August 2004 to be exact, I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, it was a traumatic time for me.
I had to go through 6 months of chemotherapy and 3 months of radiotherapy, but God is faithful and He healed me completely. Ten years later, to the glory of God, I am alive and well, totally cancer free. I went through the fire and like the three Hebrews boys I came out not smelling of smoke.
I thank God for Pastor Albert’s teaching of God’s undiluted word.
I know my healing has been sustained by standing on God’s word. I encourage everyone to hold on to the word of God; anchor your lives to it.
I end this testimony with a quote from one of Fred Hammond’s songs “Thank you Lord for being there for me”. Also with another quote from Marvin Sapp “Never would have made it without you Lord”.
I decree over my life that affliction will not arise a second time

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