The Lord is full of Surprises
I came home from a short Christmas break to find my back yard fence totally obliterated with debris everywhere. This was due to the bad weather we had during the winter season of 2013.
It was overwhelming to see all the mess and I was also mindful that I was not in a financial position to replace them immediately.
I was even more concerned about my neighbours as some of the panels had fallen into their yard. I needed the physical strength to even attempt at lifting them from their yard. Meanwhile, I had a conversation about the whole situation with God and reminded Him that He is my Husband and that it does not look good on the two of us since He (God) also lived in the house with me.
A couple of weeks later, I came home from Church and being as it was winter and already dark, I closed the curtains and settled down for the evening. I got up early the next morning to have my quiet time. As I walked to my kitchen window, to my total amazement, I saw a brand new six-panel fence fixed and all the rubbish cleared!!! I stood there mesmerised for few minutes with my mouth open and not even realising it. I was completely dazed!
Not only did my neighbours decide to fix the fence with brand new panels but they also took it upon themselves to clear all the wreckage. It was beyond my expectations because it was my responsibility to fix my own fence, as it is a privately owned property.
They also ensured that the work was done on Sunday whilst I was away in church and not on Saturday when I spent the entire day at home.
After expressing my gratitude to them, I came home feeling little bit bad about the situation. This was because I was thinking that I might have caused them some financial inconveniences. However, as I talked to the Lord about how I was feeling, He said to me that – “Foreigners shall build your walls”. Knowing this was from the scriptures – “Wowed” me yet again. I felt settled in my heart fully aware that it was purely God’s orchestrations and it is marvellous in my sight!
Praise be to God who is worthy of all praise! Hallelujah!!!

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