I pray that as you hear or read this testimony you will receive the power of no more delays, helpers and understand the benefits of tithing and sowing seeds.
Shortly before the fasting for “No More Delays”, my finances were badly affected. So bad that I couldn’t make it to church to serve in my department and I almost couldn’t afford transportation to and from work.
One day whilst going home from work, a beggar crossing the road turned back and nearly got hit by a car. He then walked up to me, begging for money to eat. I thought to myself; “how can I give when I myself am begging God for money; and what if he intends to use the money for drugs”. In the midst of all these thoughts my spirit said give him something, as this was an angel. I gave him some change from what was in my almost empty purse. As I got home that evening, the Holy Spirit got me to praise and worship in gratitude and all I could hear in my spirit was “it has reached heaven”.
Last month (May) I had turned up late at work on over 4 occasions, due to my bus turning up late. According to the company policy, I faced disciplinary measures but any further lateness would lead to me losing my job.
On Friday before the fasting, I was waiting for the bus, convinced that I had some money in my bag to pay for the bus, but the bus did not turn up. Whilst I waited in anger for the bus, a stranger that happened to work at the same company as me, walked up to me and said that she was going to get a cab with other colleagues and that I could join in and we all share the bill, so I joined them.
When we got to work and it was time to pay, I searched for my wallet but could not find it. I felt so ashamed. The lady decided to pay for me and refused my offer to pay her back. Later on that day another colleague got me something to eat and also refused my offer to pay her back.
I got to work late that day but my manager wasn’t around and the people around didn’t take notice of my late arrival. The following day the bus turned up late again and I got to work late but my manager didn’t notice. Apparently, there was a last minute department move going on. That is how God turned things around for my good and brought helpers my way at the right time.
To God be the Glory the great provider!!
The second part of my testimony:
On Sunday before the fast in the month of May, I was watching the service online and Pastor declared he was calling forth our helpers by apostolic hook and I automatically connected with that word. By Monday (when the fast started) a newly employed colleague at work genuinely volunteered to give me a free lift to and from work plus another colleague of mine willingly agreed to change his shift patterns so that my new helper could be on the same shift as me. So now my journey to work is free and no more lateness issues. My God sent a helper my way at the right time.
The third part of my testimony:
After the 3 day fast, my account went dry! Even my overdraft had gone over the limit!! I was concerned about this and wondered, why me Lord? I still couldn’t make it to church and yet money was still going in and out of my account. However, I felt peace believing God would see me through because I am a tither. I would prayed Malachi 3:10-12 over my finances believing that God would bless me so much that I would not have enough room to contain it!
By the Friday, I casually looked at my account and could see my mother had unexpectedly transferred money to me!! As if that wasn’t enough, I didn’t really have a lot to sow to Pastor but I felt lead to just sow a seed, albeit with the overdraft situation!
Before the end of the second service, God placed it in the heart of two people from the choir to bless me financially. I was in tears of joy because of His speedy manifestation of love and favour towards me!
The fourth part of my testimony:
Like that wasn’t enough, some days ago, for the first time my mum called me and asked me to write her the list of all my bills and overdraft and I shouldn’t worry that my problems were her problems and by the following day she sent me money to pay off my overdraft and some of my bills! For me this was a big shocking blessing!
The firth part of my testimony:
LIKE THAT WASNT ENOUGH!! Today (27th June 2014) I applied for an internal job vacancy (after many previously applications had been declined) and I was accepted. This new role was a promotion and it came with a pay rise!
My love for Jesus is indescribable! I love Him overwhelmingly! I have learned to always tithe and sow seeds!! I give God the glory for His mercies endures forever! Even when I am un-deserving, He loves me relentlessly!! That’s why I choose to worship Him and so shall it be forever in Jesus name!
I pray that as this testimony is shared that people will be encouraged to sow seeds and to be addicted tithers. For God will see you through when the well runs dry.
I pray that He will send helpers your way speedily just as He did it for me!
I pray that God continually blesses, enriches and anoints you Pastor, your wife and all the leadership of this house! This is indeed Glory House, where miracles happen on a daily basis and I am happy to be part of it!

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