Church, please join me in praising God for His faithfulness towards me and my children at all times.
Since I became a child of God, I realised that God truly is a covenant keeping God. I am from a Muslim family and early on in primary school days I was attracted to the Christian faith by the attitude of Christians in my compound. By the time I got to secondary school I knew the difference between going to church and a personal relationship with the Lamb of God. I became vibrant in His vineyard and occasionally was given opportunities to minister in my local church.
The death of my mother on 1st September, 1980, at the age of 59 made me pray to God against premature death. As my father also died years before I could recognise him as my father. I also prayed that I will witness the wedding of all my children, support and see them through their progress in destiny. I presented my case before God on the basis of my being His child and of the new covenant.
To God be the glory I was 61 years on 14th May and have four children (2 boys and 2 girls). I have achieved by His grace the age that my parents could not attain. My children are getting married to the glory of the Lord. I now have my first grandchild (daughter) born on 9th April 2014. I bless God for preserving my life and helping my children to love Him too.
It is not by my might! The Lord taught me to teach my children Christian values.
When my children are facing examinations I graciously face it with them by praying and do whatever God asked me to do on their behalf. When Dr Albert gave a testimony of God’s intervention in the case of his classmate and of his examination, it made me even more aware that I have to take up the matter in prayer. To the glory of God my third child passed his MB BS examinations after a challenging experience.
God is indeed awesome.

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