There are so many testimonies I could write about the blessings of the Lord. I have been meaning to write a testimony for a long time and I thought this weekend’s events would give others strength.
As a bit of background, I compete for Great Britain in the Long Jump event. I know my profession is God’s calling for me but had suffered years of stagnation or near misses to fulfilling my promise. I missed out on London 2012 by 9 centimetres and suffered more setbacks in 2013 with injuries. Instead of going to the World Championships in Moscow, I was at home again. However this was a blessing in disguise as I was in church when Pastor Albert said we would be fasting for a week to come against generational spirits. What Pastor Albert preached that day resonated with my spirit as my family had always gotten close to success but felt like something was stopping us right at the final point. As I wasn’t training I took part in the fast and came to the prayer sessions every night. I had never prayed with such ferocity before but I was fed up with my situation and wanted to put an end to this stagnation. I encountered God like I never had before during the fasting week and felt certain my change was coming.
There had also been a heavy weight on my heart since 2010 to serve in the church but I had never followed it up. After this fast I decided I needed to act and approached Pastor Nathan, after service, to say I wanted to serve in the church. He passed me onto the relevant person and I became part of the Protocol team. It felt like a weight was lifted and I began to experience God in a new way in my life.
My mother had been imprisoned for some years in Nigeria and I had prayed during this fast that she should be released before the end of the year. To the GLORY of GOD, my mother was released before Christmas after a lady in jail had given my mother £1000 to post bail. I knew this was the work of the Lord.
My career also began to flourish. Since 2008, I had experienced a knee tendon injury called patella tendinopathy which made training, walking up the stairs and bending my knees excruciatingly painful. The best way I could describe it would be akin to poking needles in your eyes, it was unbearable! I had to put ice packs on my knees to numb the pain after each session and it was hindering my ability to fully train. To the GLORY of The LORD since September 2013 my knees have had no pain whatsoever! I can bend my knees, takeoff and land with no hint of pain! It is indeed a miracle, I am still lost for words when I can bend down and not wince getting up!
I went on to win the British title, in the indoor season, and I set my sights on making the Commonwealth and European teams. My problem had always been getting the qualifying distance to compete at championships. I would jump far enough but it always seemed that the official would give me a red flag. I prayed that this was not my portion and that I would get the distance needed. By the grace of God, in May I achieved a distance of 8.05 metres in Guadeloupe to get the qualifying distances for both the Commonwealth and European Championships. I had done it! WOW I had done it! The relief was immense and I was selected for the Commonwealth Games team in early June.
Moving to the events of last weekend. I had to finish in the top 2 of the British Championships to secure my place in the European Championships team. I was confident that I could do this as I had finished in the top 2 the last few years but had not had the qualifying distance. Before leaving my house I said “Lord let me have something to write about your goodness this weekend in my testimony book!” (This is where I write all God’s miracles in my life). The weather had been wonderful for the past week but not Saturday. Saturday was your typical British weather, cold and raining! I knew I had to still compete and was ready to go. However the competition was going all wrong. It was like I had gone back to 2012 and 2013. I wasn’t getting jumps measured and I was in 3rd position, out of automatic Euro qualifying, with one round to go. I was upset but knew I had to snap out of it. That’s easier said than done. I began to pray “Lord, you gave me this talent and ability. I trust in you. Let your will be done”. I took a deep breath and went for it. BOOM! By the power of the Lord I went into 1st position and won the British Championship. I was emotional! I had missed out on championship after championship but our Lord is FAITHFUL. The Bible says you will receive Double Honour and I did as now I am going to 2 championships in one season!
This was not the end of the testimony. I left my house on Thursday morning and my gut told me I hadn’t locked my front door. We’ve all had that feeling and I thought “You always think you haven’t locked the door and you have, don’t worry”. I came home on Saturday evening to find my door open. My heart sank. I saw the postman had put the post through the door not the letterbox and quickly ran in to see the damage. By the AMAZING GRACE of The Lord my house was as I left it. TV, valuables, Passport were all untouched.

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