On Thursday 23rd Jan 2014, I gave birth to our third son through elective caesarean. The devil tried all he could whilst they where preparing me for the surgery but as God would have it, against all the odds, I came out victorious, and my baby and I were declared fine at end of the procedure with no complications.
A day prior to my discharge from the hospital, our son was examined by the paediatrics and to our dismay, we were told that he had a heart murmur. Although a second opinion was needed, so she went to get her superior.
Her superior also confirmed and said it was very subtle and didn’t seem to be worried because our baby was still under 24 hours old and that it was very common to hear heart murmurs in new babies, especially in the first 24 hours.
A heart murmur is an extra sound that occurs when your (or your baby’s) heart beats. “Murmur” is a general term that doesn’t say anything about what might or might not be causing the extra sound. It could be totally normal, or it could be a major problem.
She rated the murmur 2/6 and said that it wasn’t too bad and there are chances it would go by itself but it would need monitoring. I was discharged and was given a follow up appointment for 4weeks.
I told my mother about the news, she barely allowed me to complete my narration and said “it was not our portion in Jesus name” and that I should continually use the anointing oil on our baby.
On his first appointment, the pediatrician went through the normal check list and was happy with his overall health. He eats well, his growth is on point and he looks happy. However, she said she could still hear the murmur and would need to refer him to a paediatric cardiologist (heart specialist) to do a cardiac echo on him.
So far we have been for 4 different check ups and the heart murmur still persisted, but the good news is that it hasn’t worsened and our son’s well being was not affected. We still await the cardiologist appointment.
As God will always speaks a word through His servant as always, last Sunday, whilst Pastor was preaching, he said “they said you have a heart murmur, though the heart murmur may persist you will live a healthy life and nothing will happen to you”. He continued on this prophesy for a good two to five minutes.
My husband and I looked at each other and whispered, “this is a word in season” and immediately we laid our hands on our 4 month old son in agreement. After which I said to my husband “This is now a settled matter”. The rest is history IJN
Glory house is indeed a place where miracle happens on a daily basis. I thank God for Pastor and the entire leadership of the church. God bless you all.

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