I bought a Tablet for my 9 year old for Christmas. It was a delight for us both (mum and daughter) as it kept her quiet for long stretches of time. I always read my bible on my IPad and she wanted a bible on her tablet too. So I bought her a bible for £2.99 on her tablet and I paid for it using my debit card.
On 24th February I got a call from my bank’s fraud protection unit, asking me if I had made certain purchases at some really odd times. I said no and so they froze my account, pending an investigation into the transactions.
When I got home that evening, I logged onto my bank account to have a look. To my despair there were over 70 transactions totalling almost £600 for all sorts of different games. I knew immediately that my daughter was the culprit. I asked her why she had downloaded games that were not free like we had earlier agreed. She replied that she had not done so. However these so called free games had various levels and steps within them that you can only access by paying! I suppose when she tried it once and it worked, she just kept on doing it.
I was distraught at the amount of money wasted. I kept on thinking about all the things I could have done with the money and how silly it was of me not to know that my bank details were stored on her tablet. In the midst of it all I confided in one of my friends. He prayed with me and insisted I should get in touch with company involved and that every penny would be returned to me. In all honesty his faith was much bigger than mine. I had already considered this as a bad debt account and decided to cut my losses.
When I came to church the next Sunday Pastor preached about the tithe. I remembered that for years I had always paid my tithe without fail. So out of the mouth of 2 witnesses (my friend and my Pastor), my faith was boosted. I decided to get in touch with the company involved.
There were lots of e-mails backwards and forwards. At one point the officer handling my case said the amount of refund I was requesting was beyond his pay grade to authorise. So I had to wait until he could contact his superiors. Eventually I got an e-mail saying the money would be refunded in the next 2 weeks. I was very happy but still a doubting Thomas! I needed to actually see the money in my account. I calculated when the 2 weeks would be up and determined to get in touch with them on that day. To my surprise and heartfelt gratitude to the Almighty God, just 3 days later I received my bank statement in the post and when I opened it up, every penny, had been refunded to my account.
Brethren, two things are important here, one is to have faith that our God can do above that which we think or imagine. Just have faith and you will see his wonders.
Secondly, as a child of God, you must tithe! The devil will try every way to steal from you, but if you are a tither the devil will have an extremely difficult time in catching you! Praise The Lord.

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