In Joshua 1:3 and Deuteronomy 11:24 it says “Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you and shall be yours.
In 2009 I put in an application to the Home Office and within 8 days I was granted a residents card. I was overwhelmed even my lawyer, who is not a Christian, said to me that she has heard of miracles before and this was definitely one. She said in years that she has been practising she had not dealt with a case like this. My friends and family had to ask me how I did it. My God who is the way maker, who makes all things possible dealt with my application.
Sadly just after 1 year of receiving my resident’s card, my landlord who wanted me out of his house stole all my documents and passport. Everything was stolen, not even a single sheet was left.
My landlord had told everyone to leave the house. I appealed to him to give me some time as I just got a job and I did not have enough money to pay for another place. This resulted in conflict between us. He claimed I was arguing with him because I thought I knew the law. I felt he was becoming unreasonable, so I ignored him
I came back from work one day, and noticed my land phone was on the floor and it was not there when I left for work in the morning. Something just said to me to check around my room to see if anything was missing. I did not do this. I just dropped my bag and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I got to the kitchen to find it a mess, with food spilled on the floor. I wondered what had happened.  While I stood in the kitchen, there was a knock on the main door, which I ignored. There was another knock on the window. I answered and found out it was my housemate’s brother. He informed me that one of my housemates had had a fight with the landlord and that the police had arrested him.
He sent a man to the house that day to disconnect the electricity, water and everything. My housemate tried stopping him on his way out of the property and this led to the fight.
After my housemate’s bother left, I went into my room just to check round. I opened the drawer where I kept my passport and other documents. There was absolute nothing left in the drawer. Everything had been taken. I felt I was dreaming.
I immediately, I picked up my phone to called my landlord. I asked him if he had come into my room but he denied it. I said to him that being the landlord he was the only one that has the spare key to my room but he still denied.  I got in touch with the police and explained everything to them. They came, took my statement and checked everywhere. Unfortunately I was told that there is no sign or proof that anyone hade broken in and there was no proof that it could be my landlord. I tried explaining everything to them but they said they could do nothing. The police further informed me that they do not get involved in such cases, as it was a shared accommodation apartment. I cried myself to sleep and woke crying also.
As if this was not enough, two weeks after my passport was stolen, I was asked to bring in my passport at work. I went to my manager to explain what had happen, but unfortunately, my manager could not help. I was told to stop working and my contract was terminated. I had gotten this job through a voluntary role I took up because I brought in more profit to the council and because of this I was offered a contract and was promised it would be made permanent. I got really fed up, always crying and I felt like ending everything.
I spoke to my lawyer about my situation and he contacted the home office to inform them that I had been burgled and that I would need a replacement of my resident card. To my surprise I was told to fill in a new application, which got me even more fed up and knowing my situation I felt that I had reached the end.
For 3 and half years, I lost my identity. I had lost a very good job. I put a fresh application in to the home office but I was refused but was allowed to appeal within 10 working days. My lawyer took on the appeal but said to me that to get an appeal date could take up to 6 months. While I was waiting for the appeal date I kept praying and fasting and doing my night vigil.
One Sunday I came to church, I felt the spirit saying to me book an appointment to speak to pastor. I tried to see pastor but could not, but finally I meet with Pastor Charles and I explained everything to him. He looked at me and shook his head and said to me come next Sunday with all the document and I will discuss with Pastor Albert about your situation. Pastor Charles did speak with pastor and I was able to see Pastor Albert, he laid hands on the documents prayed and said… “LORD LET YOUR WILL BE DONE’’.  I cried and went home but I was relieved knowing my faith will not be wasted. Every time I prayed, I always asked God not to allow the Home Office to ask me for what I did not have. Shortly, after Pastor prayed I received my appeal date and it was the quickest my lawyer had seen. I came back to see Pastor Albert to inform him that I had received the date and he prayed over the letter and said to me go and relax. Honestly I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I waited and kept praying and believing in my heavenly father, my invisible friend, the ‘I AM that I AM’, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
The day of my hearing Pastor was away in Kenya, so I sent him a message that I was about to go into the courtroom and asked him to pray along with me.  I had taken prayer handkerchief with me and before I left the house, I had used my anointing oil. When my case was called the judge didn’t even blink at me he was just nodding to the answers to the question I was asked by the representative of the Home Office. The judge then said to the representative that he had looked at the case before him, and sees no reason why I should not be granted my leave to remain. The Home Office representative confirmed that I qualified.  The judge did not even ask me any more questions. She looked at me and told me not to worry.  On the day of the appeal, there were 3 similar cases of resident cards. Out of the 3 cases, my case was the quickest and the only candidate who went home with immediate response.
I thank God for his love, his mercy and grace upon my life. I am happy to be newly and qualified British citizen of United Kingdom.
In John 10:10 it says, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that you may have life, and that you will have it more abundantly.”
I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge Pastor Charles, Pastor Nathan, Pastor Timothy and our wonderful Pastor Albert for their concern and their prayers towards to me.
God Heals

I woke up one Monday morning with a terrible back pain, which went round to my lower abdomen and stomach. I couldn’t stand up straight and this pain went on for 2 weeks.
I had to go to A&E where I sat down for 4 hours talking to God for healing. I finally saw a doctor who prescribed some painkillers. I was taking this medicine while waiting to be seen by my own GP but the pain did not get any better. I was a bit worried but kept calling on God.
Sunday the 9th of March, we had a communion service. I was in terrible pain but I kept saying to God that I am about to eat Jesus’ flesh and blood; I must be healed from this unknown pain.  As a member of the protocol department, I was ushering members back to their seat and I almost forgot to join the rest of my team when I felt the pain again. I went to the front to take my own communion. As I held the flesh and blood I cried out to God saying, “You just have to heal me. I don’t know how you are going to do it, I also want to be healed from any disease that is in me that I do not know of”.
I went home after church felt a bit relieved and noticed that I could stand up straight. I wanted to be sure and I touched my back where the pain had been and I felt nothing.  By the time I woke up on that Monday morning there was no pain. I was totally healed from this pain.
I want to say a big thank you to pastor Nathan who prayed for me when I first felt the pain and to the rest of the wonderful and anointed pastors we have in this sanctuary. May God continue to pour His anointing oil on you and your candle will continue to burn in Jesus name. Amen

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