I haven’t had the easiest life, and my childhood and teenage years were filled with many trials and tribulations. But thank God for his everlasting love and divine protection.
I was able to finish compulsory education and move on to university where I graduated in 2012. Since then, it felt as if my life went downhill with no purpose. I went through some very dark times that year and felt depressed for while. I would smile on the outside but the pain I felt on the inside was immense. All of my friends were moving on with life, working and happy, and I couldn’t help but ask God, “What about me? When will it be my turn?”
I continued to pray to the Lord, seeking for an answer, but nothing happened. I was unable to find work and I had family problems too. Things seemed to turn from bad to worse with my Granddad passing away in that year too. I was very close to him, and had planned to relocate to Coventry to be closer to him.
I knew that I wanted to go into teaching, but all the avenues seemed blocked. I would apply for Teaching Assistant roles and continually received letters of rejection. I couldn’t understand why. I had a degree, with added voluntary experience in that area and I had no criminal record, but still nothing!
My close friend introduced me to Glory House church late 2012. The first time I came, Sis Lois was ministering. Her voice and passion really touched me and as she sang I felt the Lord speak to me saying, “You are a member of Glory House”. It wasn’t until the summer of last year that I started to come regularly, hoping and praying for a solution to my problems.
Another friend sent me a link to access to teacher training course and I applied with very little confidence that I would get on. Though I was going to church, I didn’t believe in myself very much, and my self esteem was very low. The devil kept telling me that I wasn’t good enough. Having struggled in my childhood, I accept what the devil said but to my surprise, I was accepted onto the course, which I then started in September 2013.
Just I felt a boost of confidence with things finally getting somewhere, a huge curveball was thrown at me and things at home were severely challenged. I already had a strained relationship with my family, and this curve ball just made things worse.
2014 began with me leaving home. The relationship with my father was basically non-existent and I felt alone in the world. I would spend my nights crying to the Lord for an answer and asking how he could allow things to happen to me in this way. My student bursary was a mess resulting in my finances being completely out of order.
God indeed had bigger plans for my life, which at the time I just couldn’t see. I have learnt that sometimes God just has to let you hit rock bottom so that you appreciate and know that you need to trust in Him and that He is the only one that can fix your struggle or challenge!
In time, with continual prayer and support from friends and other family members, things began to work out. I was able to make amends with my family and I started my job search again. This time I changed my strategy and applied for full time positions. My confidence increase and so I stepped out and applied for positions in the Middle East, because I have always dreamt of working out there.
I searched through dozens of positions and noted that most of them did not accept newly qualified teachers. I then decided to move my sights back to vacancies in London.
In my search, the scripture that says “God grants us the desires of our hearts” kept coming to mind, but once again, the old devil clouded my belief and made out that it didn’t apply to me!
I applied for various roles in London and waited. On Monday 19th May, following the completion of my school placement, I continued my job search and came across an agency that I had previously applied to. The role advertised was perfect for me, and God told me to apply. I had my doubts but I went ahead and sent my CV.
The next day I received an email from the agency, asking me for registration details. They informed me of general interviews for jobs in the Middle East but I didn’t pay it much attention. That evening I went to church with the two things I wanted God to do for me written on paper as instructed by Pastor.
I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders after Dr Morris Cerrulo preached that evening, and I felt ‘It was over!’ On the Thursday, the agency called whilst I was at placement and gave me a brief telephone interview, and then invited me to go to for an interview on the Saturday with some Middle Eastern schoolteachers.
They emailed me several interview questions, techniques and answers to questions that previous candidates had failed on. They were basically spoon-feeding me, which doesn’t usually happen with teaching jobs.
I did my research that night and could hear Pastor Albert’s voice in my head saying ‘It is over!’
On the Saturday, I went to the interview and was calm feeling peaceful in my heart. At the end of the interview, before I could even ask them to confirm when I would receive feedback, the interviewer shook my hand and said “We would love to have you on our team. I am extending a job offer to you!”
This was my dream job; the money is amazing and it’s in the Middle East, somewhere I have desired to work for the last 2 years. I haven’t even finished my teacher training yet, but God has given me a job, one that is waiting for me when I complete my course.
I really want to thank the Lord for His mercy on my life, and encourage others to continue in prayer. God is faithful and nothing is too small for him.

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