God has promised us all unmerited favour especially if you keep walking in His ways, His favour will never cease to bombard you.
I would like to share a few of the many acts of favour God has blessed me with in one weekend.

Favour 1

One of my clients asked me to produce some invitation cards for her daughter’s first Holy Communion party and she ordered 40 copies to keep the within her budget. As a blessing to her daughter I decided to design the card free of charge and submitted the design to a printing company in the West End. I went to collect the invitations from the printer last Friday after work. I arrived at the shop but was in a hurry because I needed to dash straight to church for a meeting with OOZ drama team.
The printing attendant told me that there would be a 10-15 minutes delay because their printer had broken down earlier in the day. I decided to take a seat and tried to wait patiently. 15mins later he confirmed that my print was ready, He had fixed the printer and printed 80 copies, which was double the amount, I had ordered.
When he handed the invitations to me he said ‘It’s on the house’.  I didn’t think I heard him well so I reached for my purse and asked again ‘how much is my bill?’ to which he repeated again ‘It’s on the house’ meaning I didn’t have to pay anything. I thanked him and left the shop with full of smiles.
Thank you Jesus

Favour 2

The next day I was attended the RNB Stand VIII event. Again I had to leave the event in a hurry because I had to get to West Thurrock Costco before they closed at 7pm. I needed to order a cake and pick up a few items for a client’s event.
With only 55mins to get there, I was blessed to have a friend who was willing to drive me. As if I wasn’t aware of the time constraints, I decided to stop briefly in Upton Park, to pick up some fabric I had committed to get for the OOZ Drama Team.  However, on arriving at Upton Park, the fabric market had closed but I could see the guys were still at their stall they were almost fully packed up, including the particular fabric I wanted.
I stood there in dismay beating myself up for not making it to the market on time and low and behold my eye caught sight of this beautiful fabric, which could serve as a good substitute just being loaded into the van. I immediately stopped them and asked to buy it. Despite being told that they had closed they couldn’t help but sell it to me. They cut the pieces I wanted and added some extra pieces free of charge for my troubles  (All smiles).
Isn’t God great!!

Favour 3

On arriving at Costco now 15mins before the closing time, it took me a while to find my way around the shop as I hadn’t been in that particular one for over 3 years. I managed to order the cake and picked up a few other items before I was ushered to the till because the store was closing.
At the till, my items were all scanned through and I was asked for my Costco membership card, which had to be scanned to confirm that I am a member and before I can make payment. To my horror the staff member told me that my Costco membership card had expired and in fact it had expired 2 years ago. I was like ‘No way! Would you be really kind and process my order today and I will see about having my card renewed for the future?’ To this the assistant turned around and called her manager who I thought was called to override the system ‘NOT!!’ The manager came to impose on the fact that I could not be served with an expired membership card. She said I could have my card renewed but I would need some documentation, which she doubted I would have on me and that the store was also closing so nothing could be done full stop. She then said in a sarcastic manner ‘why didn’t you get here early enough?’ I didn’t think she needed an answer to the question so I turned and asked my friend to hold on to my basket whilst I go speak to the membership renewal team.
As I walked towards the renewal desk my Spirit told me it would be of no use, as indeed I didn’t have any of the required documents with me. I then noticed 3 customers who had just paid for their purchases and were making their way out so I targeted the one who I knew would be more receptive to the favour I was about to ask. When I approached the lady, she was still trying to understand my request when her husband came onto the scene collected the membership card from his wife and marched me back into the store. He was happy for me to use his membership card but the manager wasn’t happy about this and refused to process my order saying that they have now closed and that my card is expired. The gentleman at this point had now made my issue his issue with the store. He had no problem telling the store manager that he was my uncle and that she must process my order. The manager then said that all the tills were closed and that the only available till won’t accept cash (she obviously knew from our previous encounter that all I had to make payment with was cash), and to this the gentleman brought out his bankcard and said okay I will pay with my card. He totally took ownership of the situation as if he knew me when in fact we’ve never met before. I was so proud to see his eagerness and willingness to help that I didn’t even take the manager’s rude behaviour personally.
Outside the store I thanked the gentleman, and went to return the funds for what he had paid, but he didn’t want to take any money from me but I insisted.
I give God the praise.

Favour 4

On Sunday after a lovely dinner at a friend’s house, another friend and I were heading in the same direction home so we got on the underground on the District Line train and planned on getting off at Barking station. We sat down with other passengers and had a conversation about fashion and design. A couple of minutes into the journey, we were approached by a man who from his physical appearance had a disability with one of his eyes but as we studied him closely we could tell that he had had lots of alcohol (or so I thought).
He came and stood directly opposite my friend and I and said that he had a message for us. At first we were hesitant to pay attention to him but then he came even closer and said again ‘I have a message for you’. My friend told him to sit down and he said “No, I have an urgent message for you and I cant sit down because I have to get off at the next stop.’ My friend said ‘Okay what’s the message’ so he went on to share the following. John 1: 1, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He said these same words were mentioned in 3 other parts of the bible and that the devil is under our feet. We were both startled and my friend asked him why the message was for us and why didn’t he go to other passengers, as there were others on the train as well. The guy said because the two of you are the ambassador’s of Jesus Christ, that we were the angels of God and that the message was for us. He then repeated again John 1:1 and quoted the verse followed by ‘the devil is under your feet’. I should point out that the train had gone past 2 train stations and the guy never got off as he said he would until we did at our stop.
My friend and I were startled and couldn’t believe what had just happened. We decided to meditate and pray about it. Regardless of where the message was coming from it was amazing that we were recognised as Ambassadors of Jesus Christ, the angels of God.
My friend and I were not even discussing anything about God or Christianity to as we thought that the guy may have overheard a conversation, neither were we carrying any visible signs on us that say ‘we are Christians’ but yet we were recognised as the Ambassadors of Jesus Christ. This is a great testimony for me and I thank God that I am His ambassador.
It’s not my power or might that enables me to live through each day but its by the Spirit of God. I pray that the signs of God and His light will continue to radiate on each and every one of us. And when the devil tries to stick his ugly head out, he will see the sign saying “Touch Not” as well as the Angels of God on assignment protecting our lives in Jesus name.
I can go on and on to testify of His goodness but I will stop here and give thanks to the holy one, the King of Kings, the Alpha and the Omega for His faithfulness.
Thank you to the leadership of Glory House. I have been tremendously blessed by your teachings. May God bless you all.

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