Many times we testify of how God has blessed us with a new job, a new car, promotion, mortgage, and healed us. All of these things prove His love for us, but how many people have experienced God snatching them from the mouth of destruction and don’t realise that it’s God’s hand at work until you find yourself in a safe place, well I am one of these people.
A friend offered to help me get my immigration documents sorted by putting my name on her child’s birth certificate as the biological father. We filled out all the necessary forms, followed the procedures, and were given an appointment to meet with the registrar for the completion of the new birth certificate. I knew this was wrong because and more so because it was boldly written on the application form, “Anyone providing false information for the registration of a birth certificate will be prosecuted”. I hardened my heart and said “I’m sorry Lord but, a man has got to do what a man has got to do.”
The night before our appointment with the registrar, my friend received an unusual late call from the registry office postponing the appointment by a week. I was infuriated and disappointed with God, and asked Him why He could not show me some of the love His servant, Pastor Albert, had been preaching about by maintaining my appointment and that by the time the next appointment would come, my visa would have expired.
Again the night before the second appointment, my friend stopped taking my calls. In the early hours of the day of our appointment, she called me to say that she had received a first class letter the previous day containing the birth certificate of her child with the name of the “real” biological father written on it. The father had absconded before the birth of her baby and without her knowledge somehow found a way to add his name to the birth certificate. Later on that morning, she received a call from the registrar who was puzzled by her application.
When my friend explained this development to me, instead of feeling anger and disappointment like I did the first time, I felt an unusual sense of relief and joy. The Spirit brought to my attention the warning sign on the registration form regarding fraud. I then realised what could have happened to me had we gone to that appointment and the registrar discover that we had provided false information? It would have not only meant me being locked up, but also deported and banned for 10 years.
The Holy Spirit said to me: “Son, you told me that a man has got to do what a man has got to do, but I anticipated the trap of the enemy and my love for you prevented me from letting you pay the price for your disobedience”. Instead of that love said, “I, God, had to do what I had to do, to accompany the message of my servant Pastor Albert with signs and proof of love. I therefore did not only forgive you, but also rescued you irrespective of your sin.”
The car, the marriage, the house, the visa extension you have been praying and fasting for may not have arrived yet and you may wonder, where is the love of God that Pastor has been preaching about since 2014 started? In obedience to God, Pastor came up with a love project, and you ask God, where His love project was? If you just take a look at the things you may have done in the dark, behind the scenes. Things you may ashamed to talk about, then you will see the love of God cleaning up your mess, your mistakes and your bad decisions so that you would not suffer the repercussions.
God may not have given me my documents as His Love Project gift, but He gave me my FREEDOM!!!
I hereby thank the Lord Jesus, our dear Pastor Albert, the leadership of Glory House and the family of great love.

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