Today I just want to thank God for his love and his grace and mercy.
I thank you Father for keeping me and my family this year.
Early summer I fell very sick and went into hospital with difficulty breathing and a stabbing pain in my lower abdomen. I couldn’t walk or sit comfortably. Whenever I sat I would hover over the seat to avoid being pain. The doctors did their usual tests and came up with a million and one things that could possibly be wrong. With nothing concrete they administered various antibiotics via drip and eventually sent me home with some more antibiotics for an infection they didn’t know the name of or cause of.
I’m a single mother and had my son at the hospital for most of the time with me. Feeling weak and trying to recover I had to return to my duties of the school run, mum and having a brave face for my child. By Gods grace the infection cleared and didn’t leave any bad residue. My strength is not 100% but it is increasing daily and I thank you my Father for keeping me, healing me and helping me not lose the plot emotionally.
In September my eldest sister found out via scans and tests from abdominal pain that she had the remains of a baby she aborted 18 years ago blocking the entrance of her uterus. This was not only the cause of her pain but the reason she had not conceived despite trying for 5 years. I give God praise for in such a situation she is healthy and happy. The doctors were surprised and mentioned their shock as to why she hadn’t developed a critical infection. Glory to the most high the foetal remains have been removed and she is fully recovered!
My youngest sister in November suddenly became paralysed from the neck down. Over the course of three weeks of prayer from friends and family she began to regain motion. The doctors ran their tests and eventually found it to be the second stage of typhoid. Please note they came to this conclusion after she left the hospital with control over her entire being.
This and many other things the Lord has seen me through and is why I want to say ‘Jesus thank you!’
Thank you to all the Pastor’s and my friends and family of Glory House who have in one way or another encouraged and mentored me. I love you all!!

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