Brethren I am thanking God for allowing me to know Him more than ever before, as well as knowing the importance of paying tithe and inviting people to the church.
In August 2013, God turned my agency job to a sessional contract and later upgraded it to a permanent position. I give God all the glory for his divine blessings upon my life especially for giving me the strength to complete my degree with a good grade, despite all challenges.
Brethren, the God of Glory House always worked ahead of my plan in the past eight years since I joined this church.
Having heard the testimony of a lady who had her breakthrough after being directed by the Holy Spirit to hug Pastor Albert, I decided to say hello to Pastor after service for the first time. Aside from the greeting, God used Pastor Albert to congratulate me in advance through an anointed high five. To prove the connection of the high five sessions with my uncommon miracle, Pastor Albert told me to see him the following Sunday for another high five.  On that Sunday, Pastor Albert informed Pastor Timothy to announce my second high five session. As an educator, I knew that something great was about to happen in my life because teachers or adults mostly give children high five when they achieve something, but mine happened before hand.
In April 2014, I received an email from the HR department that my visa will be running out on the 22nd of May 2014; meanwhile I thought it would expire in August. I was devastated, but I knew that my Redeemer lives because He had never failed me before.
When I got home, I checked my passport to confirm the expiry date, behold it was 22nd of May 2014, which meant I had just four weeks left to the expiry date. After confirming the date, I took the email as God’s wake up alarm because  the HR lady  later confirmed that something pushed her to send me that reminder because  they usually it send it a week to the visa expiry date, but something pushed her to do it early. This showed evidence of God’s work upon my life because it could have been worse if I didn’t receive the reminder email early, which would have meant that I wouldn’t have gotten Home Office acknowledgement letter to retain my job after my visa expiry date.
Brethren, I called my lawyer who is usually very busy, but to my greatest surprise he answered my call straight away and asked me to bring in all my documents so that he could commence the process immediately.
My lawyer gave me three options to choose from. He advised me to prepare my mind for an emotional break down because I might get a refusal letter for my chosen option, as I had incomplete documents. On the other hand, he said I could be granted permanent resident card if I appealed and backed it up my application with the necessary documents. I prayed about it and I rejected his assumption as I knew my God would work things out in my favour.
During my prayer sessions, I connected my lawyer to the prophecy of Pastor Cole about God’s promise to equip lawyers with knowledge to deal with legal matters. Whilst praying, I made a short request for ‘uncommon favour and a miracle’, but I was more thankful to God as if my paper was already granted. I also reminded God that I am not going to pay any money for appeal because I pay my tithe.
To cut a long story short, I went ahead and applied to Home Office with incomplete documents, but promised to send in my additional documents later.  I booked my Life in UK test on the 6th of July 2014.
To God be the glory, my permanent resident card was granted on the 4th of July 2014 without even sending in any additional documents, as I promised. Brethren it took God just a month to sort me out, which is a miracle and it is only God who could have done it.
I am thankful to my dear God for my uncommon favour and miracle and I thank Pastor Albert for the faith-boosting teachings that upgraded my faith in God. May God continue to empower and bless all the leaders of Glory House because God has been speaking through them to fulfil people’s destiny.
Brethren when you trust God for uncommon favour and miracles have faith and implement other covenant practices. He will surely do it for you in Jesus name, amen.

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