I want to appreciate the one that sits on the throne and makes the earth His footstool; the awesome GOD; the Father that is always there for His children.
Since I came into London, I have been looking for a church in which the Truth and the Spirit of God dwell and since I joined GLORY HOUSE I am fulfilled spiritually.
I thank GOD for the entire leadership of the church who always preach the undiluted word of God. I thank God for the anointed people of God, Pastor Odulele, Reverend Cole, Pastor Tunde, Pastor Timothy and Pastor Nathan. You are all wonderful.
I have been believing God for some things. One of which is my accommodation. To my amazement, after June fasting and prayer, God gave me my first private accommodation (a studio flat) at a moderate price. This is the first private accommodation of my own since moving into London 5 years ago. Anyone who has ever had accommodation problems will understand how difficult this period could have been.
I know this is just the beginning of greater things to come and I do not want to take this for granted hence my sharing this testimony as seed for the greater ones God will do for me.
God bless you.

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