Praise God forevermore! About a week and a half ago, I lost my wallet and could not locate it despite searching everywhere.
While ministering the following Sunday, Pastor shared how he commanded angels to restore his missing flash drives. I believed that the same angelic ministry was available to me just like Pastor testified. My prayer was short and specific, that angels should return my wallet to my house.
48 hours later, an elderly woman (my angel), living 2 or 3 streets away delivered the wallet to my doorsteps. She had found it in her garden the day after I released angels on errand. This was 6 days after it went missing. God kept it safe all that time.
Not only was it returned, nothing was missing from it. Truly, God’s Angels are watching over us and waiting for you to make covenant demands.
Our God is alive and still working wonders today. I thank God for a church of great light, great life and great love where testimonies provoke new testimonies.
Thanks to Pastor for being such a blessing to the body of Christ.

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