Praise God! Hallelujah!
I want to thank God for His love and kindness to my family and I. I just want to testify of the goodness of God and share what He has done for us.
On Monday 3rd February 2014 while I was picking my children up from school my boys started to run ahead and I was behind them. All of a sudden one of my boys came running to me saying his brother had been run over by a car. I got scared and thought my child was dead. I ran to where the incident happened and found him bleeding and covered with bruises.
The police and ambulances arrived and the ambulance took us to the hospital and my friend took my other children home. During the police investigation, they found my son’s prints on the car. They later said he had a lucky escape as the car was going at the maximum speed limit. I told the police that it was not a lucky escape, but that it was the angel of God that saved my child from death.
Earlier this year, Pastor Albert declared that we will not bury our children and I jumped up and received it for my family and on the 31st of December 2013 my children and I danced as we have never done before.
Later on in 2013, Pastor Albert told us to bring our children to church for prayers and I was busy. However, my husband who has never been to church during weekday services took time off from work to go to church with the kids.
As a result of the accident, my son only sustained minor injuries and now he has just celebrated his 6th birthday. If not for God, where would I be today 2 months after the accident? He is back at school and doing well.
My family and I are saying a big thank you to God and to Pastor Albert for the great work that he is doing and we also thank all the other Pastor’s in Glory House.
God bless you all

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